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Sugars Stage & SpiritsSugars Stage & Spirits Recently we had the pleasure of dining at the all new “Sugars” Stage & Spirits located pretty much  at the corner of 987 (Airport Rd’s end) and Point Phillips Road in Bath PA! The former Klecknersville  Hotel has been a staple in the Valley for decades and Sugars did an amazing job with their own personal remodel,...

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Sugars Stage & Spirits


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Recently we had the pleasure of dining at the all new “Sugars” Stage & Spirits located pretty much  at the corner of 987 (Airport Rd’s end) and Point Phillips Road in Bath PA! The former Klecknersville  Hotel has been a staple in the Valley for decades and Sugars did an amazing job with their own personal remodel, yet keeping the integrity of the building intact! We were all very much into Sugars 50’s Pin Up Girl Vibe when we got into the foyer. Plush Red Velvet Chairs, and a very laid back yet fun atmosphere. Missy and Veronica Greeted us and both of them were fantastic and made our dining experience very memorable.

We ventured into the main dining room where the bar is located in one area and numerous quaint tables are located in another. We sat at a 4 top. There are several fireplaces at Sugars and although they were not on, they are very detailed and unique in their own so  it was a nice backdrop for a fun evening! Multi colored curtains on the windows and bright paint on the walls where plaster intertwined with the ancient wood, really brightened up what the Klecknersville Hotel used to be. Dark and Gloomy, yet a fun time!

They have a nice selection of “Sugars” Signature cocktails plus wine and domestic and craft beers. You won’t be disappointed.  I want to mention that everything at Sugars is FRESH! Missy said nothing is frozen and pretty much everything is made from scratch. Burgers, Vegetarian choices, Hand-Cut Fries, Sauces, and even the hand battered and breaded choices.  ALL FRESH!   She had me at hand breaded because I instantly saw both Wings and Shrimp! They have a ½ and ½ at Sugars which means half Wings, Half Hand Breaded and Fried Shrimp! I win! We tried the Garlic Parmesan Shrimp and the Hot and Honey Wings! The wings were meaty and cooked perfectly and coated with Tangy Hot and Honey Sauce. The Shrimp were large, fried golden brown and coated with Parm. And FRESH grated Garlic on top. WOW!  We also enjoyed Sugar’s Crab Soup that the 3 of us shared and by the time we got done with it…yep…the bowl was empty! Toss in Sugar’s Fried Cheese Plate, hand breaded Mozzarella and Gouda served with Marinara Sauce and you have 3 happy campers ready for more!

For Dinner, I went with what Missy said was one of the most popular menu items – The Porky Rachel. This amazing sandwich consists of Swiss Cheese melted over Pork, Coleslaw with Thousand Island Dressing drizzled over top and served on Sourdough Bread. Needless to say, I was sitting pretty thinking I discovered one of the area’s best sandwich’s ! Jay enjoyed one of their signature hand-made burgers. He had the Chipotle BBQ & Bacon Burger brushed with spicy BBQ Sauce and smothered in Cheddar Jack Cheese! It was HUGE. Jay took half home for lunch the next day that’s how big it was…and he came to eat!  My wife dined on  Rich & Creamy 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese and also a  Spinach Salad- Sliced Pears, Shredded Carrots, Cranberries, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette. It was Taco Tuesday which meant $2 Chicken or Beef Tacos and $4 Fish Tacos. We had some Chicken and Beef Tacos and if you like tacos…definitely hit up Taco Tuesday.

We wrapped up dinner with 2 homemade desserts. Erica and I went with the “Blondie” – Blonde Cupcake and Strawberry Frosting topped with Rainbow Sprinkles. Warm, Fresh, and decadent! Jay had a “Sassy Monkey” even though he wouldn’t order it by name, lol! Banana Cupcake & Cream Cheese Butter Cream. I ate half of that one too!


All in all , Sugars Stage & Spirits is a delightful new addition to the Bath/Klecknersville area. They gave the Klecknersville Hotel a Facelift, kept the integrity of the place intact, the staff really knows their stuff, and they have something going on almost every night including Taco Tuesday, Bike nights on Wednesday’s when weather permits, and also Live Bands and Line Dancing on select weekends.  Next to the main building is a gorgeous barn we took a tour of. You can rent it out for parties, private events, weddings, etc! They have live music in there, comedy nights and more! It’s worth seeing.  As soon as we walked in , I wanted to rent it out ALL THE TIME! Find them on FB where they update what’s going on daily and take a short drive to Sugars and you won’t be disappointed!


Sugars Stage & Spirits
658 Point Phillips Road
Bath, PA 18014


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