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Uve' - Sparkling Superfruit / Gourmet Weightloss!Uve' - Sparkling Superfruit / Gourmet Weightloss! Seeing as how obesity is such an issue in today’s world, it’s no surprise that we are bombarded with foods and drinks that claim to help lose weight. It’s always an added bonus when we find something that helps lose weight AND tastes delicious! Recently, I stumbled upon a bright exciting bottle of Uve’… I had...

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The River GrilleThe River Grille 243 Northampton Street in Easton is an Address you MUST etch into the address book inside your mind and go to as soon as POSSIBLE. Why? Because THAT is the address of The River Grille – One of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to and one of the best restaurants YOU will ever go to!  Simply divine is an...

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Wally's Wicked WingsWally's Wicked Wings I drove by Wally's Wicked Wings several times over the past few weeks and I KNEW it would be out of this world once I actually stopped! It had the word "Wings" in it's name... WIN / WIN for me!  I was not let down when my good friend, Bristen and I went for a 'guys night out' this past week. Don't get me wrong, Wally's...

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Sugars Stage & SpiritsSugars Stage & Spirits Recently we had the pleasure of dining at the all new “Sugars” Stage & Spirits located pretty much  at the corner of 987 (Airport Rd’s end) and Point Phillips Road in Bath PA! The former Klecknersville  Hotel has been a staple in the Valley for decades and Sugars did an amazing job with their own personal remodel,...

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Ooka SushiOoka Sushi I remember when I first started eating sushi. I quickly ascended into a culinary obsession for the Japanese fast food.  Fortunately, living in the flourishing suburbs of Philadelphia allowed me to indulge whenever I wanted to as there was an amazing tiny Japanese restaurant close to my home in Doylestown, Pennsylvania...

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Uve’ – Sparkling Superfruit / Gourmet Weightloss!

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Seeing as how obesity is such an issue in today’s world, it’s no surprise that we are bombarded with foods and drinks that claim to help lose weight. It’s always an added bonus when we find something that helps lose weight AND tastes delicious! Recently, I stumbled upon a bright exciting bottle of Uve’… I had never heard of it, but in true courageous style I tried it. I grabbed a bottle of Sparkling Superfruit and chugged away. It was as refreshing as the packaging design indicated and I wasn’t overwhelmed with the same pang of guilt I typically get when grabbing a soda. I was so into this new find that I ventured to their website to see just how “healthy” it was and I was pleasantly surprised to find that these folks did some major homework! Continue Reading


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Downtown Allentown is full of rich history, a ton of character, and is becoming more alive each day! One such establishment thathas breathed massive amounts of life into the great city of Allentown is Cosmopolitan located at 22 N. Sixth Street directly across from Allentown Symphony Hall.  When you pull up to the COMPLIMENTARY valet parking they have daily for lunch and dinner, you instantly look at the marquee and say “Wow! Really? What could I possibly be in for?”

TRUST me, you have NO idea. If you ever wanted to take your loved one/s out for a dinner that they would talk about for years or a date to someplace that score you MAJOR points… Cosmopolitan is the place. The second you walk through the door that is opened by a courteous Cosmopolitan Greeter, you instantly are taken back and witness a dining establishment you would see only in the biggest cities and finest casinos in the world. Continue Reading

Wine Pairing With Superbowl Foods


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We found an interesting article this morning in regards to wine pairing withSuperbowl snacks. We figured…why not? Beer is the ‘king’ of game day drinks but not everyone wants all the carbs and calories.  The alternative is wine.

The best thing about these featured wines is that they are all no more than $15! If you’re heading to a  Superbowl party this weekend or to the Blogs4food fortress, you may want to bring a bottle of the good stuff to see how spot on these pairings really are!

Layered taco dip
This is a complex dish, with layers of guacamole, chopped lettuce and tomatoes, corn kernels and spicy-hot taco meat or refried beans. An equally complex wine to help you wash it all down is key. Ditch the Napa Cabs and try a something from a new, up-and-coming Cabernet Sauvignon region: Chile.
Our budget pick: Vina Aquitania 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle del Maipo, Chile
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Top Beers of 2010

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This has been a very, very good year for drinking beer. Shuffling throughmysmudged, beer-stained notes, I see I enjoyed countless IPAs, stouts and wild yeast–spiked sour ales. But who cares what I think…here is what YOU voted as the best beers of the year!

Boston Beer Co.: Infinium Ale
The Samuel Adams crew spent two years collaborating with Germany’s legendary Weihenstephan brewery to create this effervescent, 10.3 percent treat featuring a fruity, champagne-like twang. What makes Infinium extra-special: It’s the first new beer style created under Germany’s beer-purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, in more than four centuries.

Half Acre Beer Company: Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
One of my favorite new pale ales is the Chicago brewery’s Daisy Cutter, which is jammed with a quintet of fragrant, aromatic hops (Warrior, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo) that check in at 60 IBUs — and just 5.2 percent ABV. That means citric, piney Daisy slides down nice and easy.

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World’s Most Expensive Beer!

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 What goes better with turkey than a nice cold brew? Exactly!  Considering the fact that I used to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, Milwaukee’s Best Light, (Beast Light), and pretty much any other sewage water that would get me drunk before I met my wife, I’m really not qualified to tell you about the worlds most expensive beer’s. We both enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and my wife just recently discovered Shipyard Summer Ale while we vacationed in Bar Harbor, Maine. 

I still venture back to the cheap ”pounders” when I stumble upon them just for old time’s sake.  I get the look from E when I order that swill because she is used to me drinking great I.P.A. brews but sometimes you can’t resist that shiny Pabst can!  Here are some of the world’s most expensive beers and yes, you’re buying!… Continue Reading

Liquid Lunch? Cocktails Based on Food

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I’m not one to complain about interesting cocktails as long as it “does the job”, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I love bacon, olives, hot sauce, garlic, horseradish, sushi, octopus, wasabi, and all that other jazz but sometimes you have to say no. I had a bacon bloody mary once and they used liquid smoke in it instead of bacon and it ruined my love for bloody mary’s.  So basically, the drinks and article below really don’t do it for me personally but who am I? Just the guy who writes some of these articles so if  the following  story tickles your pickle (which I’m sure are used in many drinks) then read on, and DRINK ON! Continue Reading