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Uve' - Sparkling Superfruit / Gourmet Weightloss!Uve' - Sparkling Superfruit / Gourmet Weightloss! Seeing as how obesity is such an issue in today’s world, it’s no surprise that we are bombarded with foods and drinks that claim to help lose weight. It’s always an added bonus when we find something that helps lose weight AND tastes delicious! Recently, I stumbled upon a bright exciting bottle of Uve’… I had...

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The River GrilleThe River Grille 243 Northampton Street in Easton is an Address you MUST etch into the address book inside your mind and go to as soon as POSSIBLE. Why? Because THAT is the address of The River Grille – One of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to and one of the best restaurants YOU will ever go to!  Simply divine is an...

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Wally's Wicked WingsWally's Wicked Wings I drove by Wally's Wicked Wings several times over the past few weeks and I KNEW it would be out of this world once I actually stopped! It had the word "Wings" in it's name... WIN / WIN for me!  I was not let down when my good friend, Bristen and I went for a 'guys night out' this past week. Don't get me wrong, Wally's...

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Sugars Stage & SpiritsSugars Stage & Spirits Recently we had the pleasure of dining at the all new “Sugars” Stage & Spirits located pretty much  at the corner of 987 (Airport Rd’s end) and Point Phillips Road in Bath PA! The former Klecknersville  Hotel has been a staple in the Valley for decades and Sugars did an amazing job with their own personal remodel,...

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Ooka SushiOoka Sushi I remember when I first started eating sushi. I quickly ascended into a culinary obsession for the Japanese fast food.  Fortunately, living in the flourishing suburbs of Philadelphia allowed me to indulge whenever I wanted to as there was an amazing tiny Japanese restaurant close to my home in Doylestown, Pennsylvania...

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Stefano’s Sicilian Grille, Northampton, PA


Category : Northampton, Pennsylvania, The Lehigh Valley

Stefano’s Sicilian Grille 

 5364 Nor Bath Boulevard, Northampton, PA 18067  (610) – 262-8760

When you are looking to walk into a comfortable Italian restaurant /bar and forget your bad day, Stefano’s Sicilian Grille is that place. The staff is genuinely courteous and this family owned establishment will find you to be part of the family, or the family as part of your attentive staff.   You may find Domenico serving the bar patrons finely mixed martinis or my favorite the “Italian Sunshine”… Clementine Vodka, Triple Sec, Grapefuit Juice (I use Pineapple), and Cranberry Juice.   Or the cousins cooking in the kitchen and serving up the delicious Italian food.  


This happens to be a frequent stop for my husband and I as we are friends of the family and the food is phenomenal. Their word-burning pizza is nothing short of incredible. And, their vodka sauce is my all time favorite. Put them together and these guys from time to time will make me my most coveted “Vodka Penne Pizza”… Just ask for it, you will not be sorry.

On this particular occasion, we had the typical Stef’s starter of their fresh, warm, soft Italian bread with a delish and a little spicy, tomato remoulade for dipping.   Forget the laziness of bringing you a small plate of olive oil with a drip of balsamic reduction or vinegar… This dipping sauce they create, trumps any of that.  


For our dinner, the husband ordered the “Garlic Parmesan Wings”, I am not a wings freak like he is, but I can tell you that the meat falls off the bone and the wings are crispy yet melt in your mouth.  I, on the other hand, just wanted some fried eggplant and some of their vodka sauce, otherwise I said bring me whatever…  I was delivered the “Eggplant Rollitini”. Fried eggplant tightly wrapped around fresh ricotta and spinach on a bed of soft linguine dressed in the vodka sauce with pancetta swimming in it.  I know that if I was in the position of ordering my last meal, this would be it. I think I may have found a new favorite food group: Fried Eggplant.


Stefano’s Sicilian Grille in Northampton is the sister restaurant to Stefano’s Restaurant on 191 in Bethlehem. Both restaurants are run by the family and keep the tight Sicilian ethics of the front man and father, Stefano Lombardo.  But just remember the real boss is wife Patty and when she isn’t there, son Tony.  And, Domenico is always cooking up a masterpiece that’s off the menu or being eye candy for the ladies at the bar.

You can get a real wood burning pizza or fresh made gelato in a variety of flavors that are never the same.  The top of the line chef’s have been working at both establishments for years, Why?… Because they love it.  These well trained chef’s go to far reaches to please their patrons. They always go off the menu.


And, if you want to eat there on a weekend, make sure you call ahead.  The Valley loves the Stefano’s restaurants, you’ll notice any time you pop in, well respected business owners, doctors, and lawyers in the Valley are there relaxing and enjoying the fine food. You can get away with incognito casual wear or donning your best Hugo Boss or Elie Tahari suits right after work. Either way, you’ll fit right in.

Weaversville Inn and Jessica’s Tea Room-Northampton, PA

Category : Northampton, Pennsylvania, The Lehigh Valley


Weaversville Inn is by far, one of the best all around dinners I’ve enjoyed. My wife and our guests Abby and John all agreed with my assumption!  I’m telling you that if you have not yet experienced this quaint dining establishment just North of Shoenersville Road in Bethlehem then you must  GO GO GO! From Laura who greeted us at the door, to Beth who was our server and Mark who is the Owner/Executive Chef for the past five years, everyone there made us feel like they were there solely there to make sure we had a fantastic dining experience! (Ask Mark when you’re there about the Inn’s history. Ben Franklin actually used to frequent it and so did some “Spook-tacular” friends!)

We started off with glasses of White Zinfandel, Red Creek Merlot, and House Cabernet‘s for drinks and Weaversville Inn does have an extensive drink menu and specials! (The bar area is also beautiful.)  For appetizers, we were treated to cheddar herb biscuits that were to die for! Warm, rich in flavor, and the kind of biscuits that just melt in your mouth.   John does not eat Pasta (what?) but he actually had a sample of my wife’s escargot for the first time and absolutely loved it. (Now THAT should say something- the guy hates pasta but loves Weaversville Inn’s escargot!) I enjoyed a rich bowl of French onion soup that was overflowing with bubbling cheeses that was simply how F.O.S. should be made.  The Tai shrimp was also fantastic and a very nice size!


For dinner we all enjoyed wonderful side salads with an assortment of homemade dressings and croutons and then we sampled each other’s entrée’s.  On special, the sautéed medallions of beef topped with a horseradish demi-glaze were cooked perfectly to medium rare like we requested. The horseradish demi-glaze and the oven roasted potatoes with caramelized onion and rosemary  accompanying the dish just made it complete.  Abby’s Bacon wrapped pork tips were tender and juicy and the bacon it was wrapped in just brought out the all around flavor! My wife could not decide so she went with a perfectly cooked piece of salmon, fresh garden vegetables that were phenomenal and light, and Weaversville Inn’s Maryland style crab cake that was indeed “broiled to perfection” like their menu says it is!


Dessert, (that I normally NEVER order) was a MUST at W.I.! We all enjoyed the homemade crème brule, peaches foster, peanut butter pie with rice crispy treats at the bottom of the chocolate crust that John said was “a delightful treat” and a homemade cinnamon bun sunday with vanilla Ice cream, homemade caramel sauce, walnuts and whipped cream!

Honestly, EVERY sample of EVERY item we tasted from the moment we walked through the door until we left was cooked to order, tasted like heaven, and the portions were “heaping” according to my guests. Thank you to Mark and the staff at Weaversville Inn.  Don’t forget they have a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu along with fantastic assorted teas in Jessica’s Tearoom. Their menu is for all tastes, sizes, and ages. They also do catering, weddings, bridal and baby showers and birthdays.